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Perky Pet No/No Sunflower Basket Wild Bird Feeder

Manufacturer: Woodstream Corporation Model: SB00316

Attract a wide variety of birds to your yard or garden. The eye-catching yellow finish, is high quality and long lasting. Invite your feathered friends to feast in your yard with this eye-catching bird feeder.

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Without the use of plastic or wood components, the premium construction of the NO/NO® Sunflower Basket Wild Bird Feeder stands up against squirrels and other small animals that may try to access birdseed. Birds visiting your yard will be happy that they’re not sharing their feast with other animals, which will keep them coming back to feed again and again!

A large 2 lb seed capacity makes the No/No Sunflower Basket Wild Bird Feeder the perfect black oil sunflower seed feeder for hosting up to 20 birds at one time! The mesh wire design and attached perch attracts both clinging and perching birds so you’ll have a larger variety and volume of beautiful birds feeding in your yard or garden.